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Dear guests,

we would like to keep you updated about the special measures in terms of prevention of the spreading of the Covid-19. We have put in place some rules and guideline that MUST be followed in order to assure the health of the other guests and our team:

  • It is mandatory to use the mask. The mask must cover your mouth and your NOSE;
  • You must keep a safety distance of at least 2 meters between any person who`s not part of your family;
  • Please wash your hand frequently using the hand sanitizers you find around the campsite;
  • Please use disposable gloves in communal areas;
  • To avoid gatherings during the check in and check out only ONE person per family is allowed at the reception. To further simplify the procedure and improve safety, please have a look at our ONLINE CHECK-IN system (you find the link in the booking confirmation email);
  • Only ONE person per family is allowed in the market. You must be wearing mask and gloves during your shopping and respect the distance between persons (please look at the marks on the floor);
  • If possible, use electronic payments and contactless;
  • Please keep clean and tidy also the outside of the motorhomes;
  • You are advised to use your camper or caravan´s toilet (if you have one) rather than the communal ones;
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult all the time;
  • Gatherings and external visits are forbidden.

For your safety, the direction has also established some internal rules for our team:

  • Every employee must wear the mask inside the buildings;
  • We have a special team to sanitize frequently the toilets;
  • The staff at the reception will wear not only the mask but also a special protective visor;
  • Any object provided from the camping is adequately sanitized;
  • All the areas inside the buildings are frequently sanitized and ventilated;
  • The tables at the restaurant are placed to assure the safety distance of 2 metres;
  • Every room is daily cleaned and sanitized and at every changeover is be deeply disinfected;
  • Natura Wellness Center will be closed for this winter season.

We kindly ask to respect these rules and follow any instructions given by the members of the team. In case of non-compliance people can be reported and asked to leave the campsite.

With respect and common sense everybody can enjoy their holiday.

Thank you for your understanding.

Just a little while

We look forward to welcoming all nature lovers of the Dolomites from June 1st.

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