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Local communities are the social and cultural fabric that characterizes a region, and their development and prosperity are essential for creating a positive and sustainable environment for all who live in or visit it.

At Sass Dlacia S.p.A., as a company committed to responsible sustainability in all its facets, we believe in the importance of actively supporting and collaborating with the surrounding communities to promote local development and the well-being of the people living in the area.

We are aware of the crucial role that local communities play in our success and in maintaining a favorable environment for our guests.

Our selection of sponsorships is based on clear and transparent criteria with the goal of maximizing positive impact on local communities. We carefully evaluate each request, considering alignment of values, scope, and effectiveness of the proposed project.

Our sponsorships focus on various areas of interest, including:

Sports and Outdoor Activities

We actively support athletes, local sports teams, and organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. We are committed to ensuring that youth and adults have access to sports and recreational opportunities that contribute to their personal growth and community unity. Therefore, we annually support the following entities: 

Alex Verginer: hailing from San Martino in Badia, he represented Italy in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Pechino in four-man bobsleigh;
ICE Club Alta Badia: Competitive figure skating and synchronized ice skating team;
U.S.D. San Martino: Amateur Sports Union of San Martino in Badia;
Badiasport: amateur sports association that promotes sports disciplines such as swimming, backcountry skiing, and track and field athletes both youth and adults.

Culture and Art

We support cultural events, festivals and artistic initiatives that celebrate the cultural and artistic heritage of local communities. These include the Gadersound Open-Air Festival in Pederoa and the Bal dles Stries at Passo delle Erbe. We aim to preserve and promote local tradition and creativity through active participation and financial support. We support the Institut Ladin Micura de Rü through the sale of their books on the Ladino culture in our facilities. We promote the discovery of local culture through our partnership with the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor to encourage museum visits among our guests.

Educational and Social Projects

We believe in the importance of education and social inclusion. We sponsor schools by providing support for educational programs that offer learning opportunities to children and young people. Additionally, we provide support to volunteer organizations in the area that are involved in the rescue and safety of both locals and visitors, such as Aiüt Alpinisc Alta Badia and the volunteers Fire Brigade of Antermoia.

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