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Restaurant Pizzeria Sass Dlacia in San Cassiano

Comfort Food + Traditions + Experience


Welcome to Our Unique Restaurant and Pizzeria! In our cozy establishment, we invite you to experience a delightful fusion of Ladin culinary tradition and Mediterranean flavors, all prepared with love and passion.

A Unique Culinary Experience

In the heart of the Dolomites, we invite you to savor a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Our traditional Ladin cuisine, passed down from generation to generation and prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, harmoniously blends with the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, ensuring an explosion of authentic flavors and freshness. Ladin dishes capture the soul of the mountains, while Mediterranean flavors add a note of lightness and aroma.

Our Signature Dish: Mountain Pine Risotto

Our distinctive dish is the mountain pine Risotto. This unique dish combines the creaminess of risotto with the fresh and balsamic taste of the mountain pines that grow in the nearby forests. The result is a culinary delight that reflects the essence of the Dolomite's nature.

Wood-Fired Pizza

In our pizzeria, pizza is a true art. Each pizza is prepared in our wood-fired oven, imparting an irresistible flavor and a crispy crust to every bite. Choose from a variety of delicious ingredient combinations or customize your perfect pizza.

We are ready to provide you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Our friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere of our restaurant will make you feel at home. Come and be a part of our culinary family. We eagerly await to delight you with authentic flavors in a unique setting.

Book your table now and be enchanted by our extraordinary dishes and warm hospitality!

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Breakfast: 08.00 - 10.00
Lunch: 12.00 - 14.00
Dinner: 18.00 - 21:30 Pizzeria 18.00 - 23.00

Bar: 08.00 - 11.15 e 12.00 - 18.00

Tuesday only pizza / Wednesday only kitchen

Opening hours may vary according to the season.


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