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Ice climbing

Ready for a chilled thrill?

If you love ice climbing or if you want to try this unique experience once in your life, there are some nice spots just near the campground. Watch one of the most powerful forces of nature freeze in place while completely transforming the scenery.

Discover ice climbing

Ice axe, crampons and an ice wall to climb

You can reach the first spot without even moving your car, simply walking to the Armentarola waterfalls along the trail leading to Rifugio Scotoni. Or if you prefer, you can reach them on your skis from the top of mount Lagazuoi, skiing down the Armentarola run, one of the most popular in the region.


If you want more, Colfosco has some beautiful frozen icefalls. They are situated on the rock strip at the foot of the Sella massif, both on the left and on the right side of Val de Misdé (Val Mezdí). You can reach this ice climbing spot by bus (473) or by car and park next to the Mesules Restaurant. From there it is a short walk.


If it is your first time, if you are not experienced yet or if you simply prefer to have a professional guide with you, you can contact the Alta Badia Guides to book a course.

Remember to bring the necessary equipment (check with the guide):

  • warm, waterproof and comfortable clothes
  • warm but comfortable gloves
  • helmet
  • crampon-compatible boots
  • crampons, ice axles, harness
  • ice climbing ropes, ice screws, belay device, carabiners


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