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“Wellness” word evokes relax and fulfillment sensations, it brings you away from day-to-day stress. Our qualified team will always take care of you and will make sure to satisfice all your expectations. Our treatments seek to achieve a healthy balance between body, mind and soul. We propose a variety of them that comprise stress relief, invigorating, detoxifying and equilibrating massages.

“Natura Wellness” massage

50 min / € 75,00

A classic massage gives full relaxation and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. It will remove stress, improve blood circulation and will give a sense of calmness.

Back massage 

50 min / € 85,00

Intense relaxing massage that soothe away tensions in your upper body. It is performance in prone, supine and lateral position using also cupping technique, if necessary, to relax the muscles.

Sport massage

50 min / € 85,00
80 min / €  125,00

Intense massage dedicated to the back and legs. Connective Tissue Massage and cupping techniques are used.

Anti-cellulite Detox Massage

50 min / € 85,00

Special massage technique that improves circulation and will help your skin become tighter and to get rid of toxins that are trapped in the form of cellulite. Gives an extraordinary sensation of freshness and lightness.

Plantar massage

50 min / € 75,00

Activates internal organs by massaging specific areas of the foot. Stimulates intestinal function and the lymphatic system and has a relaxing effect in the whole body.

Peeling massage

50 min / € 75,00

Peeling performed making circular movements throughout the body using a Papaya enzyme cream. It has a toning refreshing effect and helps cell renewal. 

Honey massage 

50 min / € 85,00 

Honey drainage massage is a special loosening up in-depth treatment done with only pure natural honey. During the massage, the honey is absorbed in the skin and the bioactive ingredients in it give the metabolism a reinvigorating effect through the lymph and blood circulation. During the honey massage the inner organs and connective tissue are supplied with nutrients giving a soothing and relaxing effect. After the massage, your skin will be nourished and soft as silk. Honey massage itself is superb for people who want to tone and tighten loose skin and rid their body of cellulite. It is an excellent preparation for winter.   

Cranio Deep Relaxing 

50 min / € 75,00 

Imbalances in the cranic system can block and clog all kinds of parts in the body. With the help of a minimal impuls method, this gentle treatment activates the body's self-healing powers and allows us to let go and unwind.

"Natura Wellness" massage and Cranio

80 min / € 115,00

This treatment combines the techniques of the "Natura Wellness" massage with those of Cranio Deep Relaxing.

Sport massage and Cranio

80 min / € 125,00

This treatment combines the techniques of the Sport massage with those of Cranio Deep Relaxing.

Lomi Lomi Nui

80 min / € 125,00

Lomi Lomi Nui massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage also known as the 'loving hands' massage that releases blockages and stimulates the flow of energy. It was once a spiritual ritual and a healing technique that marked the transition to a new phase of life. The massage is performed on the whole physical body as well as on the energetic ‘bodies’ which surround the physical one. The rhythmic movements imitating the waves of the ocean carry the brain away having a total relaxation and sense of peace keeping body, mind, and spirit in balance.

The Natura Wellness centre is also open to external guests.
Massages are offered every day from 4pm to 8pm (last massage starts at 7pm) except Tuesday and Sunday.
The price of the massage includes the entrance to the saunas.
Reservation required.
In the event of cancellation or change of reservation the day prior or the same day of the agreed appointment, 100% of the agreed total price shall be charged. For reservations made using a gift voucher, cancellation costs will be deducted from the value of the voucher.

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