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A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame Cabin

Your new refuge in the Dolomites

The new A-Frame Cabin at Camping Sass Dlacia is an ideal retreat for relaxation, where you will wake up to the first rays of sunshine filtering through the large panoramic window, giving you a magnificent view on the surrounding nature. Around the wooden cabin, life is still quiet and peaceful, with a muffled atmosphere that envelops the past night.

Going out barefoot you can feel the cool dew under your feet that has accumulated on the ground during the night. As sleep dissolves, curiosity and excitement will drive you to deep dive into the surrounding woods and mountains, ready to explore everything that nature has to offer.

In the evening, in the peace and intimacy of this small wooden hut, you can contemplate the starry night skies, wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping a hot tea or a glass of wine on the small porch. Whether you are in company or alone, you will be able to deeply connect with the beauty of nature.

Every detail of this simple cabin has been designed to reconnect you with the essence of nature. The structure is entirely made of wood, following principles of environmental sustainability. Despite its small size, the cabin offers everything you need for your comfort, including a double bed made out of solid wood, heating, electricity, a storage space under the bed, and an external LED light that illuminates the small porch.

The simplicity of the cabin and the scent of wood ensure peaceful nights. You will feel in tune with the minimalism of this cabin and will be able to recharge your energy in close contact with the surrounding nature.

This place will be available to you from the summer season of 2023, offering you an authentic experience of immersion in nature, where you can relax, regenerate, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites in a welcoming and sustainable environment.

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