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Winter camping

Winter camping

Get the most out of your winter outdoor experience

It is a common misconception that camping and outdoor life are the prerogative of the warmer months, when temperatures are more comfortable and the long days permit spending as much time in nature as possible.

Then, when the weather starts to get colder, you start packing your camping gear for the long winter hibernation until spring.

But why put your passion for the outdoors on hold during the winter months? It's true, the low temperatures certainly don't give you a sense of comfort. But sometimes all it takes is the right measures to prepare your vehicle for the harshness of winter to create a warm and comfortable environment to refuge in after a day in the snow.

Here are our tips:

  • Check the battery charge and gas bottle level

Keep an eye on your electric battery and gas bottle to avoid the risk of suddenly finding yourself in the cold. By heating all night, and perhaps even during the day, they can run down quickly. At Camping Sass Dlacia every pitch has an electricity connection, and we provide a gas bottle service. Ask for all information at reception: our team is always ready to help you if you need it.

  • Protect pipes and tank against frost

You can upgrade and equip your camper van for winter with adhesive heating films or self-regulating heating cables to prevent freezing. During your camping stopover, place a container under the grey water tank to allow the water to drain away and not freeze in the tank. Oh, and don't forget your hairdryer... in case all these measures are not enough, you can always try defrosting them with a hair dryer!

  • Remove snow and ice

Immediately after a snowfall, you should remove the snow from your camper van, especially from the roof. In this way you will prevent the heating exhaust chimney from becoming blocked and, at the same time, your vehicle will be more exposed to the heat of the sun.

  • Isolate the camper properly

If you can equip your camper with good thermal insulation, you will not have to overload your heating system. Get a thermal blackout blind for the windows and windscreen and, by fitting a thermal curtain behind the front seats, you can better insulate the cabin. You can also find heating mats on sale to insulate the floor of the cabin.

  • Heats efficiently

Don't worry, the heating of your camper van is enough to keep you warm during the winter season. However, we do advise you to take a few precautions to avoid unnecessary heat loss. For example, never leave wet clothes inside the vehicle. Rather, leave them inside the bathroom if you have one. Humid air heats up much more slowly than dry air. For the same reason, always try to get rid of any condensation that forms while cooking by opening the window above the kitchen or briefly ventilating the interior.

  • Use antifreeze for the camping toilet

The heating only reaches this part of the vehicle to a very small extent, so it is particularly exposed to the cold. It will be sufficient to equip yourself with antifreeze liquid to protect the toilet flush box from freezing.

  • Install a veranda outside the vehicle

This can be a great idea for three reasons:

- It acts as an airtight chamber so, when you open the motorhome door, you are not immediately exposed to the cold but have time and space to prepare for your day in the snow

- You have additional space for your winter equipment

- You can sit outside and sip a nice cup of hot chocolate while watching the snow fall

  • The right gadgets for winter camping

Here you can find all sorts of things on sale: from thermal blankets, heated pads, thermal seat cushions to heated mattress covers and sleeping bags, as well as electric hot water bottles. You can even use your hand warmers to warm your shoes! Placing a stainless-steel bottle full of hot tea inside your sleeping bag is also a great idea to warm you up before sleeping.

  • Mulled wine!

The tastiest way to warm yourself on cold winter days. At the Bosch Bar you can enjoy a warm mulled wine surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere enriched by the company of simple, genuine people. As you sit by the bonfire, look up and watch the Enrosadira paint the Dolomites with its colors.

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