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May, the best time to travel to Dolomites

May, the best time to travel to Dolomites

Aisciöda - The awakening of nature and the Dolomites

In the heart of the Dolomites, May reveals its pristine splendor, making this period the ideal time to visit this natural wonder.

But what makes this month different?

The Dolomites are incredibly beautiful, as always.

The towering peaks, still capped with snow, rise against the blue sky, while the meadows are tinged with vibrant green dotted with bright flowers, creating a breathtaking scene.

Less crowds

Spring is often overlooked by visitors as the ideal time to travel, but this means you can enjoy the Dolomite valleys without the usual traffic. The trails are quieter, allowing for a complete immersion in nature.

Everything is more accessible

Staying at Passo delle Erbe is more accessible, with special offers for those who want to visit the Dolomites outside of peak season and save money.

Traveling by camper or van? At Camping Sass Dlacia, you can find our parking area until June!

Snow melts, making way for new adventures

Spring thaw reveals unique landscapes: snow melts slowly, revealing colorful rocks and meadows.

Snow-free trails await only to be trodden by hiking enthusiasts, walkers, and explorers. The woods and meadows invite exploration once again in silence and contemplation.

Wildlife becomes more visible

With fewer disturbances from visitors, animals emerge from their dens and are easier to spot. From deer to marmots and capercaillies, you can spot a variety of creatures that animate the region.

In summary, May is a special time to explore the Dolomites. With fewer crowds, lower costs, and lush nature, it's the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of these extraordinary landscapes.

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