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We are outdoor

We are outdoor

Mountain enthusiasts, lovers of nature

This is the first image we convey to anyone entering our facilities, whether they be guests staying with us for a while, passers-by, or new members of our team.

For us, being outdoor is not just about engaging in outdoor activities but also about making choices and taking actions that always have a consideration for preserving the environment around us. This is especially true when it comes to the Dolomites.

And finally, imprinting this message onto people as much as possible.

We are aware that, to best convey our philosophy, it is essential to rely on external partners in a spirit of mutual support. We carefully select the companies we collaborate with, seeking those that share our values and our passion for nature and sustainability. Together, we work to convey our passion for the mountains to our guests and all the people who visit us.

Here are some of our partners:


A bicycle brand rooted in the 1970s when Stelio Belletti, disappointed by a purchased bike, built the first steel frame without joints. After international successes, production grew in the 1980s, but personal issues led to closure in 1990. In 2015, thanks to a collaboration, Stelbel made a triumphant comeback, presenting a new range of frames, honoring the founder's roots.

The revival project of the Stelbel brand began with a premise: to remain true to its own past. All Stelbel frames are handcrafted by skilled Italian craftsmen, exclusively made to measure and to order.

The Stelbel Raduno in San Cassiano brings together friends from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and the USA at Camping Sass Dlacia every year. A weekend in early June to ride together on the most famous Dolomite passes in the area, Pordoi, Giau, Fedaia, Gardena...

Black Diamond

Their ethos is rooted in the idea that the style with which goals are achieved is as important as the achievement itself, and this applies as much to business as it does to outdoor activities. For this reason, they have paired an innovative approach to equipment construction with a unique approach to company management: one that defends conservation, preservation, and access to mountain, rock, and canyon environments while minimizing environmental impact.

Aside from being our first choice in purchasing equipment for our mountain adventures, we recommend this brand to our climbing and hiking enthusiast guests.


They are committed to contributing to the ambitious goal of a circular economy through reusable products, smart material choices, and packaging. Designing for the environment to eliminate single-use products and reduce waste.

With Hydroflask, we have created a line of reusable bottles and cups to keep drinks cool or warm during our mountain adventures. Personalized with our logos, they are also a perfect memento of one's experience in the Dolomites.

Camping Plitvice

This campsite in Croatia shares our passion for nature and adventure, as well as a unique location. In fact, it is located near the Plitvice Lakes National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are committed to supporting and promoting their campsite among our guests, encouraging responsible tourism and the discovery of new places and cultures.

These are just some of our partners, but we are constantly working to expand our network and collaborate with other companies that share our vision. Together, we hope to inspire greater environmental awareness and create unforgettable experiences for all who visit the Dolomites.

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