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"Risotto al Pino Mugo"

A dish with the scent of the Dolomites

The mysterious, introspective atmosphere full of legends, the sharp and crisp aroma of humidity, the golden streaks on the ground witnessing a sun struggling to make its way through the branches of the trees ... ah, the woods of the Dolomites, what a marvelous gift!

Among the trees that soar towards the sky as if they wanted to challenge the mountains, you can notice a plant with a more slender and disheveled appearance, with vivid tones and balsamic notes: it is the dwarf pine, the most silent inhabitant of the Dolomites.

The dwarf pine, in Latin Pinus mugo or Pinus Montana, is not simply a plant for those who live in our area. The many beneficial effects it has on the body, thanks to the essential oil obtained from the youngest branches of the plant, and on the mind, thanks to the relaxing properties of its aroma have been studied since ancient times.

And that is why at Camping Sass Dlacia this plant is the undisputed protagonist of one of the most popular dishes: our risotto with dwarf pine scent. It combines the delicately crisp taste of the pesto, made from the needles of the shrub, with the creaminess of chanterelles and, by contrast, the crunchiness of pan-seared Tyrolean speck.

This is how at the Sass Dlacia Restaurant we discovered that the dwarf pine has beneficial effects not only on the body and the mind, but also on the palate! We hope to soon delight you with this dish and with all the other creations that our chef composes and cooks for you with dedication.

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