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A day at Ütia de Börz

A day at Ütia de Börz

Winter emotions

The light filtering through the window, coloring the wood with gold, the glittering snow, the deafening silence of winter mornings ... how suggestive is waking up in Ütia de Börz!

The sweet aroma of pine, combined with the strong notes of coffee accompany us during breakfast.

We begin the day with a descent on the sled: the snow rises as we pass and the progressive increase in speed confuses colors and thoughts.

Every now and then we look up and see it there, majestic and imposing, with the wind whistling behind it: the Mount Pütia, we usually look at it with awe, but this place makes us feel so full of life that not even the Pütia makes us look feel small.

Higher than the Pütia shines only the sun that embraces the terrace of the Ütia de Börz where we spend a pleasant and carefree lunch. The dishes combine the culinary traditions of Ladinia, a cold but welcoming land, with the warmth and colors of southern Italy, the chef's birthplace.


After having rested we are ready for a new adventure and we decide to enter the path Ju de Börz pulled by sled dogs, what wonderful animals! Looking at them from the outside they have the attitude of all dogs, faithful and playful, but when you have a look at their footprints on the snow you realize that, in reality, they are profoundly tied to the animal that most of all represents the spirit of the mountain, the wolf.

And this is exactly what determines the charm of this place, the harmony and balance that only exist in nature and that make the Dolomites a timeless place, a limbo in which nature and innovation, traditions and modernity intertwine perfectly.


The sunset begins and the snow reflects the orange shades of the sky: the day comes to an end.

At Ütia de Börz we try to wipe away the melancholy of a day that passes and replace it with the joy of an aperitif in great company. Girls and boys in typical Tyrolean clothes come in and out with trays, music accompanies the chats, food and drinks increase the smiles. The bonfire lit at the foot of the alpine hut welcomes the twilight, our day in this corner of paradise is ending.


Some say that we are made of memories and if I could choose what memories to be made of, I would definitely choose those that recall moments spent at Ütia de Börz.

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