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A story of courage and respect

1869 was an incredible year, a year in which the desire to make the world smaller was born in the human soul: the horizons widened, an attempt was made to unite what geography separated; but not only that, 1869 was the year of the triumph of emotions over rationality, the year of impressionism, of painting "en plein air" and "carpe diem". And it is precisely in this context that the story we want to tell you began, the story of a man who respectfully challenged the limits of nature by giving us a new look at the Dolomites.

In 1869 the Viennese Paul Grohmann opened the route of the Dolomites, and together with two other local mountain guides he conquered the Cima del Sassolungo, the Cima Grande and the Cima Trescarpieri in a few weeks: thus began one of the many beautiful stories set in this place ... the history of Mountaineering in the Dolomites.

At Ütia de Börz we want to be witnesses and spokespersons of this beautiful story and we can do it thanks to Mount Pütia that stands high in front of our refuge, embraced by the cold, in its 2875 m of height it hosts several routes: among the most famous the Messner, opened by the homonymous Reinhold Messner; and the Hruschka path, opened by Hruschka and his companions.

Once the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: "The mountains are mute masters and make silent disciples".

Learning from silence is undoubtedly the highest form of learning, it is a personal and introspective work as silence changes sound according to who listens to it.

Mountaineers interpret silence, projected towards the top, obstacle after obstacle, they make their journey a path of personal growth aware that the best view comes only after the most difficult climb.

Mountaineers are equilibrists perpetually poised between the peak and the precipice, they feed on the adrenaline that allows them to live and not just exist.

Mountaineering awakens emotions that fill the veins with vitality and courage, mountaineering gives man the awareness of his inferiority compared to nature, but it is not a negative and oppressive knowledge, it is a peaceful awareness that softens our powerlessness.

Mountaineering is not for everyone; it is for those who look into the void without the fear that the void they see is actually what they have within themselves.

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